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TriStar Glass is your glass fabrication source for architectural and interior annealed, tempered and laminated glass. From tempered glass curtain walls to laminated glass canopies, architects, engineers, interior designers and glaziers know they can count on TriStar Glass for quality glass fabrication.

Rely on TriStar Glass for fully integrated, color coordinated architectural glass and high-performance coatings, paints and laminates that offer dynamic aesthetic options. Look to TriStar to fabricate insulated glass panels from high-performance solar control low-E glass that offers outstanding energy efficiency and total design flexibility, while meeting both technical building requirements and environmental needs. And depend upon TriStar to complete your custom glass fabrication and deliver it on time and on budget.

Our excellence in fabricating insulated glass has allowed us to receive IGCC certification and our outstanding work with tempered glass has led to our Safety Glazing Certification Council (SGCC) certification.

We create the highest standard of silicone and polysulfide dual-seal insulating glass units, fabricated with bent corners, not fill-in spacers, to ensure minimal moisture permeability.

TriStar is proud to be part of the PPG Certified Fabricator Network. We earned this certification through special training in the processing of all of PPG’s high-performance architectural glass products, our high quality at fair prices and our fast delivery.

TriStar is also proud to be a Guardian SunGuard Select Fabricator, providing design professionals with a vast selection of fabricated glass products – all developed with aesthetic beauty in mind – for use in interior and exterior applications.

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Southwest Power Pool - R100 w/ minimal distortion

Featured Projects

  • Southwest Power Pool
  • Client: Ace Glass - Little Rock | Little Rock, AR
  • Glass Type(s):
  • Outboard Lite: R100 on Clear #2
  • Project Description: R-100 on clear very flat w/ minimal roller wave or optical distortion

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  • Below is a partial list of projects we're currently working on and include the client and the type(s) of glass used. To find out more, call TriStar at 866-655-1624.
    • Chickasaw Nation Tishomingo Health Clinic
    • Downtown Glass/ Tishomingo, OK
    • Glass Type(s):
    • Inboard Lite: Solarban 70 #3
    • Outboard Lite: Bronze over Bronze laminate w/ TristarVisions decorative interlayer
    • Southwest Power Pool
    • Ace Glass - Little Rock/ Little Rock, AR
    • Glass Type(s):
    • Outboard Lite: R100 on Clear #2
    • Farmers Insurance Building
    • Carter Glass/ Oklahoma City, OK
    • Glass Type(s):
    • Inboard Lite: Clear
    • Outboard Lite: Bronze Eclipse Advantage
    • Gould Hall
    • Jennings Glass/ Norman, OK
    • Glass Type(s):
    • Inboard Lite: SN68 #3
    • Outboard Lite: Grey
    • Texas Tech University
    • Tepco Contract Glaziers/ Lubbock, TX
    • Glass Type(s):
    • Outboard Lite: Azuria Laminated
    • University of Tulsa Performing Arts
    • Advantage Glass/ Tulsa, OK
    • Glass Type(s):
    • Inboard Lite: Clear
    • Outboard Lite: Solarban 60 #2
    • Fred Jones Museum
    • Teitsort Design/ Norman, OK
    • Glass Type(s):
    • Inboard Lite: Starphire
    • Outboard Lite: Solarban 70 #2
    • Spandrel Color: Thunderous