Cherokee Casino/Hard Rock Cafe - Tulsa, OK

Quality Control Documents:

Tristar Glass Product Standards


Warranty Information:

Tristar Glass, Inc. Terms and Conditions of Sale

Tristar Glass, Inc. 10 Year Limited Liability Warranty

Tristar Glass, Inc. Laminated Glass Standard Limited Warranty

Tristar Glass, Inc. Ceramic Frit, Silk Screened, and Spandrel Glass  Standard Limited Warranty


Technical Documents:

Heat Soaking and How it Works 

Spandrel Areas

Applied Insulation 

Applied Films

Setting Blocks

Heat Strengthened Vs. Fully Tempered

Shadow Box Design Considerations

Spandrel 4th Surface vs. 3rd Surface Placement

Proper Placement of Silkscreen Pattern and Why

Guidelines for Cut Edge Quality:  PPG TD-119

Moire Pattern 

Capillary Tubes

Shading Control and Blind Placement Guidelines

Installation Guides:

ICD Opaci-Coat 300 Contractor Manual

ICD Opaci-Coat 300 Sealant Compatibility Guide


Marketing Material:

Tristar Brochure

Tristar Single Page Flyer

Tristar Glass Silk Screen and Spandrel Brochure

Tristar Sentry Guard Brochure


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